Hot water high pressure cleaners

Dosanova can supply you with a wide range of high preformance high pressure machines in hot water version. For more information feel free to contact us at any time!

model WSF

The WSF hot water high pressure washer is suitable for professional use and has a stainless steel (1.4301) frame and cover, TST, SWL, DSS, SDL, a stainless steel boiler wit steel coil, flame control, leak detection, bypass valve with pressure regulator, dampener, internal hour meter, 10L stainless steel water tank. Optional it can be fitted with a remote control, external detergent kit, stainless steel rear panel, stainless steel fuel tank with level switch, stainless steel anti scale tank or chimney extension.



Flow rate







Temp max WSF3025 11 120 2,2 1x230V 50Hz 150°C WSF3060 15 150 4 3x400V 50Hz 150°C WSF4000 15 200 5,5 3x400V 50Hz 150°C WSF4050 21 150 5,5 3x400V 50Hz 150°C WSF5000 21 200 7,5 3x400V 50Hz 150°C WSF5025 21 250 11 3x400V 50Hz 150°C WSF5050 25 200 11 3x400V 50Hz 150°C WSF6000 30 200 11 3x400V 50Hz 150°C