Automatic cleaning systems

Belt cleaning systems

The conveyor belt cleaning sets with attention to hygiene and
therefore components are produced exclusively from stainless
steel. An advantage of the rotor cleaning head is the automated
cleaning, of the conveyor no working hours, time saving, reliable,
efficient and safe.
The Dosanova rotating cleaning systems are easy to integrate in
existing and new conveyor belts. The rotating nozzels increase
cleaning impact with 100% against standard stationary nozzle
bars. By using 360 ° rotating arms multi water jets clean the
surface from different angles to the surface. The conveyor that
passes under or above this system during cleaning is passed up
to 30 times the jetting water nozzles from different angles with
the same water consumption.
By using different angles, it is possible to reach all sides of the
chain. No dark spots. As the water pressure builds, the rotary
arms begin to rotate independently. The arm rotates only by
the force of the water pressure and requires no other power. A
simple but efficient and solid product for an optimal cleaning
effect. The rotating arms can be mounted horizontal, vertical or
upside down.

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