MPJET Mobile

The new ecologic and energy friendly cleaning system for all food applications.

This new user friendly cleaning system is specially made for the daily cleaning and disinfection in food production zones and other industrial applications.

The system is designed for water and energy saving without compromising on cleaning quality.


10% higher impact equation

20% time saving

50% water saving

80% energy saving

100% air free foam

100% higher rinsing power

Up till 60 meter wash down hose

Automatic start / stop – standby

Automatic chemical dosing

Low maintenance


  1. The system only needs to be connected to standard electricity and water, no compressed air required.
  2. Rinsing, foaming and disinfecting with 1 complete system
  3. No piping and no air compressor required


  • Stainless steel hose reel
  • 20m wash down hose
  • stainless steel spray gun 
  • lances
  • stainless steel heavy-duty trolley
  • container holder (2x25l)


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